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Precision Air Cooling Unit

Application Environment
Solution for large medical imaging equipment
Specialized cooling solution for CT, MRI and RT
Large equipment room which ha
strict requirements on temperature and moisture

Highly Efficient in Disinfection & Constant Temperature and Humidity

This series of precision air cooling units is specially designed and developed for machine rooms of large medical imaging CT and MRI.

The standard unit is equipped with electrical heater and humidifier to ensure a constant temperature and moisture level. It could be equipped with ultraviolet rays for disinfection of bacteria as an option.

The airflow can be supplied from multiple outlets, from the top and the bottom.

Environmentally friendly refrigerants of R410A and R407C are being used.

We also provide our customers with tailor-made cooling solutions, enabling their machines to work even under extreme conditions (high ambient and low ambient) found in Southeast Asia to meet end customers' requirements on higher COP's and EER values, less breakdowns for products.

Technical data.

Cooling Capacity:30kW-50kW Power: 380V/N~50HZ Circulating Air Volume:9650~14000 m³/h Refrigerant: R410a/R407C Environment Temperature:-15℃~+45℃ :

Important documents.

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