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MC Chiller Series

Compact medical chillers that are
perfectly tailored to the requirements
of medical equipment

Developed to meet the highest demands

With the launch of MC series, Glen Dimplex China is expending the business in Asian-Pacific area.

We are particularly focus on the energy-efficient and reliable series for medical system.

Facilities range from 10 to 100kW ensure ideal operation condition for modern diagnostic devices in medical facilities.

During development of this series, the focus was on extremely system stability operation and effective cooling within narrow tolerance limits. For this reason, the selected components and design princilple were precisely adapted to meet the high requirements of continuous clinical operation. The technical concept of the units meets the high requirements of noise emission control and is both ecologically and economically ground-breaking. 

Technical data.

Models from the MC series: MC649AS, MC670AS

Refrigerant: R407C, R134a

Refrigerant fluid: Glycol-water mixture (40:60)

Net refrigeration capacity (kW): 49, 70

Refrigerant outlet temperature: 10 °C

Ambient temperature, max.: 40 °C

Altitude: 1000 m

Ambient temperature, min.: – 25 °C

Volume of circulating refrigerant: 7.8 m³/h

Rated Power consumption (kW), approx.: 35 / 48

Important documents.

All series models:

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