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well chilled.

Cooling systems for medical storage, laboratories and analysis.
Specifically designed for diagnostic imaging applications.

Intelligent cooling systems from the market leader.

Developed and produced in Germany.

The world’s leading medical technology manufacturers rely on intelligent cooling systems from Glen Dimplex Precision Cooling. We specialise in diagnostic imaging, laboratories and analysis, plus medical storage.

Diagnostic imaging

Laboratories and analysis

Medical storage

MRT (magnetic resonance tomography) In vitro diagnostics Storage / warehousing
CT (computer tomography) Specific analyses (organic / food / material) of products that require cooling:
XR (radiography) Water samplers Blood
AT (angiography) Environmental technology Medicines

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The perfect symbiosis:

Well-running cooling systems are an indispensable part of today’s diagnostic imaging applications. This is because highly sophisticated diagnostic equipment is particularly prone to producing large amounts of waste heat. Powerful precision cooling systems are the key to keeping everything running smoothly and ensuring that the equipment is delivering maximum performance.

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Benefit from chilled engineering.

From planning to implementation.

We will help you to plan and implement your projects right from the start. And we can give you even better assistance by getting involved at an early stage – before the project actually begins – so that we can work with you to define the specifications. Making the technical work that happens later on feel less like a quantum leap away, and more like a stone’s throw.

All the contacts assigned to you (for sales, engineering and product development) are available at every stage of the project and during the entire product development process.

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Safe and sound.
And certified worldwide.

When developing a cooling system, we require all our components and parts to meet the very highest standards. FMEA analyses help us to make the product work safely and flawlessly right from the start. We subject all new developments to extensive simulations in order to ensure maximum safety when they go on to be used in applications around the world.

Naturally, our products also fulfil the requirements of international standards such as RoHS, CE and UL. This means that we comply with all relevant standards, approvals and certificates.

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The perfect addition.

Our external chillers.

Trust in the expertise and experience of Glen Dimplex Precision Cooling for your external chiller requirements – and benefit from perfectly coordinated cooling systems to ensure that your MRT and CT work with a high level of stability. We offer the right bundle for every requirement: four medical chillers, an additional ESS unit and customized service packages are available to choose from.

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Ready for everything, including emergencies.

Stop things from going wrong by taking advantage of predictive maintenance, Smart Monitoring, global 24/7 support, active spare parts management and our own local customer service technicians.

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What you need: a cooling system that works.

What we promise: stability and performance.

Our experts will be delighted to help you develop a new system or optimise an existing one.

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