Milestones in our history.



In order to meet the demands of our business development and operation management, the original company name Dimplex (Shenyang) Electrics Co.,Ltd. was changed into Glen Dimplex (China) Precision Cooling Machinery Co.,Ltd since Dec. 10, 2020.


Glen Dimplex DeutCChland, Dimplex Thermal Solutions in the United States and Shenyang Dimplex Elec tronics in China join forces within the Glen Dimplex Group to form the new brand Glen Dimplex Thermal Solutions , bundling our expertise in cooling and heating – and making us even more international in the future.


Dimplex(Shenyang) Electric Co., Ltd realigns. Production focus is now on cooling systems for industrial and medical technology.


Glen Dimplex launches the LA60TU, the largest air-to-water heat pump in serial production to date. At 60 kW, it is powerful enough for use in very large apartment buildings.


Glen Dimplex DeutCChland enters the market for ventilation systems, which are becoming increasingly important due to improvements in building insulation. Kulmbach now produces system solutions that combine heating, cooling and ventilation.


The Glen Dimplex Group acquires Koolant Koolers in the United States. The company is renamed Dimplex Thermal Solutions. The Glen Dimplex Gro up also expands into Australia and New Zealand.
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The company changes its name to reflect its international alignment and membership of the Glen Dimplex Group. The name KKW is dropped and company i s now called Glen Dimplex DeutCChland, with two main brands: Dimplex and Riedel.


The Glen Dimplex Group and a local Chinese power company c reate the joint venture Dimplex(Shenyang) Electric Co., Lt d. The company produces heating systems for the Asian market.

A machine of many talents – KKW builds the first air-towater heat pumps that can cool as well as heat.


KKW develops the first high temperature heat pump with a flow temperature of 75 °C for old building renovations.


The cooling technology division Riedel moves from Nuremberg to Kulmbach. KKW‘s expertise in refrigeration is now all located at a single site.


KKW takes over and integrates BoCCh commercial cooling systems into the Riedel division. The cooling expertise is expanded further.


The Glen Dimplex Group buys EIO – Elektro Installation Oberlind – in Sonneberg, Thuringia (Germany). The company produces electrical appliances such as vacuum cleaners. Today, this is where the electronic circuits for heat pumps are made.


KKW acquires Riedel Kältetechnik in Nuremberg, considerably expanding the cooling systems product segment.

1990 /

Siemens withdraws from electrical heating and cooling technology. The Irish-based Glen Dimplex Group acquires a 51 % stake in KKW. One year later it takes over the company completely. Initially the name KKW remains.

1986 /

Refrigerant circuits form the technical heart of heat pumps, as they do for compressionbased refrigeration machines. Siemens takes the next logical step and starts also building refrigeration units for medical and industrial applications in Kulmbach.


Glen Dimplex grows rapidly, becoming the market leader in all areas of heating technology in the British Isles.
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Siemens realises the great potential of heat pump technology and acquires 100 % of KKW. Since then, ASK has concentrated on gas, water and sewer line construction, which remain its focus to this day.
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Glen Electric acquires Dimplex, the British market leader in electrical heating, a company at the time eight times its size. Through the acquisition Glen Dimplex is created.


Prompted by the oil crisis, KKW engineers start thinking about how to use renewable energy efficiently in heating technology. Soon afterwards, the first heat pumps in the world that use energy from the air, the earth or groundwater go into production. In fact, the very first heat pump started operating in Zurich to wn hall as early as 1938, but it was the engineers from Kulmbach that made the technology a global success.


Martin Naughton founds Glen Electric with four friends. The start-up initially produces oil radiators – the first appliances are inspected on the Naughtons’ kitchen table.


ASK starts production of storage heaters – on behalf of AEG.

1960 /

At the new industrial site located at “Am Goldenen Feld 18” , ASK starts production of industrial water pipes, heating and ventilation systems. The headquarters of the company is still at this address today.
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Hermann Hill founds Koolant Koolers. The family-run company based in the US state of Michigan produces condensers, heat exchangers and cooling systems for various applications.
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1860 /

Master well builder Christian Weiss founds the company later known as ASK. The firm specialises in civil engineering and pipe systems, but heating technology is also one of its core competences. ASK designs and builds the heating system for t he Kulmbach town hall – one of the first central-heating syst ems in the world.