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Ferromagnetic Detector

Sensitive Guardian for MRI

Ferromagnetic detector consists of several sets of sensors and microprocessors which are integrated in stepping sensor pillar array and help to analyze ferromagnetci materials that patients or people carry when passing by the sensors. 

The system detects ferromagnetic content of any object nearby and the audio alarm will be triggered and indication lights will turn on when ferromagnetic value is over the pre-set threshold, and then protect the MRI from being damaged, therefore, lower the maintenance costs while improving work efficiency.

Technical data.


Detector quantity: single pillar with 10 sensors/double pillars with 16 detectors

Installation: MRI waiting hall/Both sides of MRI room door

Inspection mode: stand and turn around/pass through

Detected object hight: 0.1-2m/0.5-1.9m

Detection range: 1.5m in front of the unit/max 2m between two pillars

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