Clemens Dereschkewitz: New CEO

Hiking and Garbage Collection Activity by GDC

Not just stay in the words, we are practitioner in "the transition to a sustainable world "!


In celebration of successful delivery of recent big batch of products and in the practice of sustainability called upon by the group, GDC organized all staff for an activity of hiking and garbage collection at Qipan Mountain on June 11th, 2021.

The rainfall one day before was like dressing up for the mountains, who hided the undulating hills with layers of green grasses and trees. Embraced by the mountains, there’s a peaceful and broad lake leaning on the huge rocks. The group of people was divided into two teams, one is for mountain climbing, the other is for hiking around the lake.

Started from the mountain foot, the team of people for climbing scattered into twos and threes along with the steps shortly for resting, picking up garbage or climbing up with strength at their own paces. Going through various rocks and woods and collecting rubbish all the way along, people reached the mountain top at the end in chats and laughers.

The other team walked slowly on plank road, searching carefully for the wastes. The mountains and lake seem to be watching those hikers quietly and thanking for their effort in making it a better place with less pollution. The reflection of mountains and clouds on the surface of lake like a drawing that get better-off with dedicated people walking in between.

After lunch and a brief rest, all people boarded a cruise ship for a sightsee of the lake. Ripples cut the lake’s surface as the ship moves with sprays fading away at further end. People took pictures with their cellphones for the memories of this relaxing moment.

After a short rest, we headed back.
Some people fell asleep while some others enjoying the photos in the cellphones during our journey back to downtown. Mentally joy obviously overwhelmed the physical exhaustions that shows how much people from GDC love and respect nature and is willing to live in harmony with the environment around. This is also another successful practice in the mission of sustainability carried out by GDC. We look forward to another big breakthrough in both business and sustainability perspectives from GDC in the near future!